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remember that. even though i was a texan and believe in energy, paid 60% of the taxes it was paid in texas, we felt it was very important. we breathe life in the epa by giving them a role in that act. i am sorry now that we did because they acted well then and we were pleased with what they did and even though we were energy oriented, energy people needed some supervision but they needed some help the federal government could give. so they hurt us by overregulation. that is what i was asking you about i guess. acting chairwoman, ferc's strategic plan, 2009-2014 called for safe, reliable and efficient infrastructure development to integrate new resources. are you supportive of ferc, have you been there three weeks? >> i have been here three-1/2 years. i have been in this job two weeks. >> you have done very well and i thank you for the answers you have given but are you supportive of ferc's goal for infrastructure development included in this plan? >> yes i am. >> would you consider changes on this goal? do you have any changes you would make? maybe you haven't had time. the other gentleman
are telling us the exact same thing you think about the state of florida where now the tax payers have to invest in are already investing huge sums of money to begin to adapt to a changing climate. think about the huge bill, the bills that come due every time we have an extreme weather events whether it is a drought or super storm. i would think that utility industry also sees the writing on the wall if they are looking for that certainty and the more aggressive we are on moving away from the carbon intensive energy generation, the better. >> the gentle ease time is expired. this time recognize the gentleman from west virginia mr. mckinley for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. chairman lafleur perhaps you can give me some direction on this. we have a growing problem in west virginia with the production of the various constituents with ngl that we can't use this as only the local market. it has to be shipped. currently a lot of it is just wasted which is a shame and doesn't benefit to the consumer and doesn't help the environment any. my question is what i'm hearing or sentencin
mainly the business of high during the cpa or other tax advisor on the aggregation rules. money that is better spent on the growth and the creation of jobs. in the committee we will continue to closely follow the implementation and its effect on small business. i would ask unanimous consent that members have five days to submit statements and supporting materials for the record. >> before we close i would like to thank all of the witnesses and it's kind of a breath of fresh air to hear that we are talking about fixing and looking at ways we could improve the implementation of healthcare so it is great to know finally that we are moving on repealing obamacare to finding the common ground to make it work because that is the law of the land. >> thank you ranking member. with that, the hearing is now adjourned. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] news this morning that the u.s. economy added 203,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate and fell to 7% and is the lowest in about five years and exceeds analysts prediction. releasing figures earlier today and reacti
as other revenue increases that aren't new taxes. con for instance report come out the next week. right now that's being included in the bucket deal. he's pressing very hard for it to be. or in a separate piece of legislation. speaker boehner left the door open. he would be open to having another extension. at this point they haven't figured out how they get it done or if it will get down. >> what happens if they can't reach a budget agreement before the break? >> there's no real repurr indication immediately. as well as leadership and maybe even the white house. >> we know they have been working on the farm bill. can we expect to see both on that next week? >> it will be unlikely to see that. they are trying to come back together. it could reach a deal next week. it's like a link between the farm bill and the budget committee conference committees. trying to get something done. but a deal is going to take a long of bringing people together. a lot of working to try to find the votes necessary to pass it. and whether or not they vote on it next week is unclear. >> just before the thanksgivin
whether there should be new tax cuts or spending hikes, which should also bode well for the recovery. erica. >> kristen welker in washington this morning at the white house, thanks. >>> we want to get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. i'm happy to say. >> say it, say it. >> jenna is here with us! >> thank you for saying it. >> welcome back. >> i'm just kidding. it's really good to be back. >> we missed you. >> loved when the alarm went off this morning. loved putting on a dress. i've been wearing dresses every day the last three months and the whole thing. no, it's great to be back. >>> good morning, everyone. >>> officials at new york's metro north railroad working this morning to identify places along the tracks where there are major speed changes. the order comes from federal transportation officials following sunday's deadly trail derailment in the bronx. they are asked to overhaul their signal system so it will slow down trains if the engineer fails to do so. >>> a surprise visit to afghanistan this morning from u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel. he landed in ka
had caught that way pumped out smoke. tall smokes tax that would pump it out day and night pier towards the end of the time it was still going, they did a smokestack that was 150 feet high. it was higher-ups who would get in the wind goes in place else. that is where we put them in big fat of chemicals in mud was the predominant model. west led you often have silver in. here in this valley, the boom lasts 100 years. it went from 1880s to the 1980s when it was closed down. the miners almost the sole employer except for retail stores. everybody depended on the mind. because everybody depended on the mine, it affected everybody's lives. the bunker hill, the name of the mine supported the hills, pete for a uniform in the marching band and employed students in the summer and provided thousands of scholarships for the kids who came out. the effect on the top closing was devastating. the town had been through hard times. there had been labor strikes an irate about one of the big strikes in my book. it had been through the depression. all the men voted three days a week so everybody cou
not govern as a conservative in his eight years in florida. once again, he didn't raise taxes once. so i think he would be a terrific candidate, and i think, i think he is seriously thinking about it. i think he is intrigued about. he's thinking about it. he's a very self disciplined guy. so i don't think you're going -- i don't think he is going to sears to think about it and make a decision until next year, next summer, maybe a little bit later than that. around next summer. i would love to see his voice in the debate, the part of it just because i think he brings so much to the table, and because he's not going to be afraid to say what he feels he needs to stay. -- >> we will leave this program at this point a go live to london as british prime minister david cameron and members of the house of commons are giving tribute to former south african president nelson mandela. he passed away last thursday at the age of 95. mr. mandela serve as south africa's first black president from 1994 to 1999. he spent 27 youth in prison before he was elected president. >> the house will wish to know ho
, you and your family will never pay taxes. we'll have more from the orange room in a bit. good to be back, guys. >> there has just been a lawsuit filed in that story. >> you think she's so cute. >> good to have you back. >>> coming up, production on the next "fast & furious" shut down indefinitely as former cast mates release an online tribute to the fallen star. >>> back on skis, exclusive videos. lindsay vonn returning to the slopes a couple weeks after yet [ female announcer ] dove invited women to test their body washes with paper that reacts like skin. if others can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] dove is different. its breakthrough formula changes everything. dove. this is care. so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. but a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth. it's durable. and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to bounty duratowel. abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spread
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between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >>> i'm jonathan betz, and here are the stories "al jazeera america" is following for you at this hour. >>> a severe cold snap is gripping much of the nation. several deaths have been link to temperatures including the driver of an suv that lost control of a vehicle after sliding off a bridge in texas. major storm moving eastward expecting to bring messy conditions and airport delays from virginia to new england. >>> increasing tensions in asia over disputed island in the east china sea. south korea is expands it's air defense zone. the move goes into effect o
things other than taxes? that's something some republicans have said they can deal with. >> we'll see. >>> president obama wants to sell the american people on the relaunch of his troubled health care program today. he'll be starting speaking at 2:30 eastern time today. >>> let's check on the markets in anticipation of this. it wasn't too auspicious of a start yesterday. and again this morning, not so great, either. a lot of -- in the last two weeks, we have heard the word bubble like 100 times. so i don't know whether that initially just gets people to sell it off. it doesn't mean we're going down 5% or 10%, but at least it's starting with a little bit of trepidation. we have eight street weeks of gains, it probably wouldn't be surprising to not go nine. but down about 48 points is what we're looking at on the dow jones. the s&p is up 20% for the year. take a look at oil as we head into the all-important christmas season for retailers. people have a little more in their pockets as gasoline prices come down. the ten-year, which we always watch, given that some day somehow somewhere ja
likely nest mayor of the city of new york proposed universal child care to be paid for by taxing the wealthy, you know, okay. probably won't happen, but it's being talked about. it's going to increase. eventually, eventually, we are going to end up looking a little bit more like europe. >> host: i put a lot of faith in the sloi personal experience. you watch tv, guys take care of their children more than there was two or three years ago. it's mainstream sit coms, everyone has shows, "guys with kids," whatever, so you see that, it's normal, you pick your kids up, a situation of a lot of men these days. you just like ac la mate. >> guest: all i say is, like, in the corporation to say that you want on-site child care, we've thought of that as a women's issue. it's not. it's a parents' issue. you know, when men come out as parents, we'll say, this is what i want. of course; women won't get it unless men support it too. i say there's -- this is in the grater gender equality is in men's interest, but greater argument of giving it up, guys, the ship sailed. that may be true, but i want
taxes once. i think he would be a terrific candidate. i think he seriously is thinking about it. he is intrigued by it. he is a very disciplined guy. i do not think he is going to seriously think about it and make a decision until next year. next summer. maybe a little bit later than that. around that summer. boys --love to see his voice and the baby part of it. i think you bring so much to the table. he will not be afraid to say what he feels he needs to say. jeb bush has been out of power , what?ce -- i try to forget the following years and the rick scott years. jeb has been out of power for six years, and no, seven years. and he is still relevant. in the political debate. i would like to see him give it a shot. i'm going bigger tall. -- big or tall. [laughter] thank you very much. [applause] [applause]
if they president wanted tax cuts that a president would not enact? to the instrument the irs to decline to enforce the income tax laws? president george w. w. bush proposed unsuccessfully a reduction in the capital gains rate. should he have instead simply instructed the irs not to tax capital gains at a rate greater than 10%? the point is not what you think of any president obama's individual policy decisions. the point is the president may not consistent with the command that he faithfully execute the laws unilaterally amend, way versus and the law. we must resist the president deliver a pattern of circumventing the branch in favor of administrative decision-making. we cannot allow the separation of powers enshrined in our constitution to be abandoned in favor of an undue concentration of power in the executive branch. as james madison warned centuries ago in federalist number 47, the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary in the same hands may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. it is now my pleasure to recognize the ranking member of the judiciary co
the work opportunity tax credit which gives employers a bit of a subsidy to hire people. i think we have to do some things not just to lean on employers, but to entice them hire people who have been out for a while to get rid of that stigma so employers would want to hire them. >> no perspective employer can tell you that you're too old. but did anyone tell you that you had been out of work too long? >> oh, they've told me i'm too old. a lot of these employers, the h.r. people will say the most inappropriate things to you. and what are you going to say? you're either going answer their question or you know you're not going to get a job. i've been told to my face that they don't hire the unemployed. >> i'm glad to hear that you have a new start. to me you're young worker so you have plenty of time to make up for your lost time. jener, peter, nick, thank you for your time. that bring us us to the end of this segment. the program may be over but the conversation continues. you can log on to our facebook page. send us your thoughts on twitter. our handle is @aj inside story am. we'll see you
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Search Results 900 to 915 of about 916